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Lee Plumbing is here to assist any client in Carrollton, GA with expert plumbing repair service. Our team of experienced and skillful plumbers is here to help you with your renovation or construction project. We take jobs for commercial and residential buildings alike. There is no plumbing task that is too small or too large for us. Call us 24/7 and schedule an appointment now!

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Upon arrival, our specialist will inspect the situation and give you more details on the work that will be done. You will be informed on the necessary materials to be purchased and the estimated duration and value of the repairs. Once you agree to hire us for the plumbing repairs of your property we will get busy. Once the work is done we will leave your home or workspace in impeccable condition.

We use the most efficient tools and equipment there is. When replacement parts or materials are required we always advise our clients with their selection. We know that the high-quality products are just half of the great result. That is why our plumbers are extensively trained, experienced, and ready to deal with any situation that arises.

We are licensed and insured provider of plumbing repair services in Carrollton, GA.

With us, your drains and sewers will be cleaned and the piping system will be in excellent condition. Our plumbers will fix any issue with your water heater in no time. Any sediment builds up, cloth, or foul odor will soon be gone and forgotten.

Lee Plumbing is a specialist in dealing with plumbing issues in residential buildings and workspaces. We have special discounts for all of our services. Call today at (678) 857-4718 and get a nudge off the price with our senior, military and first-time customer discount. Our plumbing repairs team takes jobs up to 80 miles radius of Carrollton, GA. Do not hesitate to call today and book an appointment with our experts.

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Lee Plumbing can handle all your repair and replacement projects in a timely and efficient manner.

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